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Electrical Power Measuring Tools


In electrical, the instruments used to measure the resistance or current, voltage, frequency, flux, power factor, etc. are called 'Electrical measuring instruments'. These instruments are known as the ohmmeter, ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, flux meter, power factor meter, etc.

Digital Earth Resistance Tester is a very versatile& handy instrument for checking Earth Resistance. ... Earth Resistance is measured by putting the spikes in the earth at distance of 5-10m (as shown below) & switching ON the instrument indicates the Earth Resistance directly in ohms.


Insulation is a vital part of any electrical system. ... Insulation test equipment is designed to effectively measure the level of insulation left on an electrical system.


The RCD tester detects the voltage to earth of earth electrodes or protective conductors during the RCD test, when applying test currents (at measurement using earth in order to prevent electrical shocks caused by the damaged earth).


Surface resistance, Rs, is defined in all of the aforementioned literature sources as the ratio of a DC voltage U to the current, Is flowing between two electrodes of specified configuration that are in contact with the same side of a material under test.



This Equipemnt have function :
a. One Instrument with two uses it can test the electri field and the magnetic fild radiation at the some time.
b. Sound-light alarm, when the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically.
c. Data locking, one-key lock of the radiation value.
d. LCD graphic display of the radiation value trend.
e. Radiation assesment, remind you whether the radiation value is safe or not.
f. Fashionable design, easy on-hand operation, it is easy to move or make field measurement.



The Wire Tracer can locate cables, circuits, short circuits and ground points. To perform these function with the Wire Tracer it is not necessary to disconnect electrically sensitive devices or to disconnect the power from the cable which is being tested.





Visual Fault Locator is designed for maintenance of optical fiber and optical cable line, mainly applied inoptical fiber breakpoint detection, optical fiber fault detection and optical fiber Fault location and detection, which is widely used by Telecom, CNC, CTT, Unicom, China Mobile and Network cabling engineering.



In consideration of ergonomics, this mini optical power meter with its compact, portable and easy operating features is specially designed for pros who amount, maintain the fiber optic network.


The Sanfix WT3010 voltage detector is a compact pen-style instrument to identify the presence of live AC voltages. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled on the WT3010 by the illumination of a bright.


The product adopts the microcomputer chip with high integration and specialized chip for energy metering, along with current sensor and LCD display with high precission, to achieve a comprehensive monitoring of electrical equipment.

High-voltage insulation testing, particularly when it is carried out on a regular basis, is an invaluable diagnostic tool and an important aid to predicting and preventing equipment failures. Maximum benefits can only be achieved, however, if the insulation tester is well chosen.